Many patients in our medical practice have touched my heart and my life, but one in particular, the most.  His name is Jack.  In his early years he was a Naval corpsman in Pearl Harbor and spent twenty-three years in active duty.  His list of credits is lengthy and inspiring and to meet him, is to have met a gentle giant.  I learned early on of his great love for our country and most of all, for his wife.  Unfortunately, his loving companion passed away about a year ago.  Every Friday following her passing, Jack has visited her grave with flowers in hand.  He has never missed.  Jack lives his life full of passion, love, service and doing his job as an American.  At ninety-three years of age, each time Jack stops by our office, he leaves me wanting to live up to his giant footprints.  As many people come across our path in life, there is always a reason or a season for their arrival and departure.  May we look for the lesson they come to teach and and hold close what we have learned.  

Thank you my friend Jack….you are an inspiration.