During the weekends I usually retreat to one of my favorite places, Balboa Island, for wonderful brisk walks by the sea.  I am grateful to live close by where I can visit often and gather it’s beauty and restorative gifts, which replenish my soul.  Saturday, very early in the morning, it was the delicious aroma in the chilly air, of cinnamon rolls baking  from the Cinnamon Roll Fair, the familiar smell of fireplaces burning from cozy nearby cottages, and a breeze that told me rain was on it’s way.  To me, these simple gifts help inspire and invigorate me for all I am thinking about, while I wait on matters of the heart to reveal themselves to me.  I wonder where your favorite place may be?  Wherever it is, I know it will always call out to you.  It will be a place that will forever be sacred to ponder your thoughts and matters of your heart, as you go about living your life.  I wish that to be a very special place for you.