A happy house is all the people that make it a home.  The voices I heard as I opened the front door were just the beginning! Raising a large family for many years, my mind and heart are full of very beautiful and meaningful moments. Each child’s room held a story, laughter was always contagious, and tears always got hugs. And, cooking was always more fun when everyone was near me in the kitchen, and even the most difficult day seemed better with the smell of dinner being prepared. It seemed as if most problems that could be solved, were done so at the dinner table where the love and support of one another was present.  Prayers thanking God for all we had been given and for each other, using teaching moments to set examples, and always celebrating each child for little and small accomplishments were just some of the ways we kept the walls smiling in our house!  No family or home is perfect, but at the end of the day when we go to bed and know we have done our very best, I believe our Heavenly Father is smiling down on us, and is happy.