Of all the four seasons, Fall is my favorite!  I love pumpkins at my door, apple picking with my family, cooler days and crisp nights, the vibrant sight of red and orange leaves, baking pies and wearing sweaters.  Most of all, this cozy season prepares me for the gratitude I feel so abundantly, in the months of November and December.  I believe that our seasons were perfectly placed in a Divine order. Fall, it’s shorter evenings, makes us turn to hearth, home and family at the end of each day. Winter has us looking Heavenward to thank our Heavenly Father for the birth of His beloved son, Jesus Christ. Spring, with it’s new beginnings, gives us hope for good things ahead.  Alas, Summer!  Her long, lazy days give us weeks to savor her gifts from the mountains to the sea.  Throughout each season, a golden thread of gratitude is gently woven in our lives, to keep ever close, the people, moments and memories that matter most.