I love the moments in life that take my breath away, that warm my soul like I have never felt before, and fill me with gratitude. On March 1, 2023 I began a WALKING CHALLENGE to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This challenge included people all over the United States who were walking 62 miles or more during the course of March and calling upon family, friends and sometimes complete strangers, to donate to this amazing cause for children. I chose to keep a journal of what impacted me every day for thirty one days. The following are my 62 takeaways that spoke to me during those beautiful days in March.

#1. I love my family with all of my heart.   #2. I am grateful to have been able to walk this distance and help raise money for the medical care at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. #3. I am very thankful for my dear friends.  #4. Smelling fresh air after the rain.  #5. Smiling faces on my routes.  #6. Kind and generous donors. #7. Having good health. #8. Meeting new friends along the way. #9. The beautiful views experienced while walking along parts of the southern California coastline. #10. Be a good neighbor. #11. Being aware of God’s mercy and compassion. #12. Having faith in each new day. #13. Be a good friend. #14. Trust God’s timing in all things. #15. Look for the rainbows after the storm…they are waiting for you to see them. #16. No matter how long the walk, it always ends. #17. Be true. #18. Show your love to others every day, even in small ways. #19. Tears eventually wash away the pain. #20. Life is one big adventure…chase it or you will miss out!  #21. Someone always needs your smile. #22. Be kind.  #23.” Sing your own special song….”  #24. God is always at work in our lives. #25. Celebrate even the smallest victories. #26. Live thankfully with your arms open wide.  #27. Appreciate the fine things that are genuine, exceptional and the most important ones after all. #28. Be humble. #29. Find contentment in where you are and who you have become. #30. Live your life fully now.  #31. Always believe magic is about to happen. #32. You are enough. #33. Have faith in your challenges and opportunities. #34. Be patient. #35. Wear grace everyday. #36. Look for the helpers God is placing in your life. #37. Go the distance and them some. #38. Make it extraordinary whatever you do. #39. When times are hard try to remember, they won’t always be this way. #40. Giving is when the heart and the opportunity find each other. #41. Choose happiness. #42. Trials can refine and strengthen us in ways we could never imagine. #43. Trust is a golden bond. It’s vow and value is immeasurable. #44. Be brave, your wellspring of inner strength is full. #45. When you don’t have the answer to something you are waiting for, BE STILL and have patience…the answer will come. #46. Every journey is a personal one, especially when you are healing. #47. The smallest things in life can make the biggest impact. #48. Find “new lenses” to see things differently. #49 The ocean can give us our greatest peace and the answers to our questions when we seek her out.  #50. Be prayerful. #51. Just as the roots grow deep within an oak tree, so must our values of love, kindness and courage run deep within us. #52. It is much greater to give than to receive. #53. When we help to instill hope in someone’s life it is as if a soft light has been turned on at dusk. #54. Be grateful for everything even your challenges, as often they are the greatest teachers. #55. Be a blessing. #56. Look up at the stars at night, they always seem to smile back. #57. Be someone’s anchor. #58. Faith is the cornerstone of anything truly important. #59. Pray about everything, as God hears every prayer. #60. Every day is a new beginning. #61 Be loving. #62 Always forgive.

I leave you these takeaways my dear friends and family.  62 Miles in March was a bright beacon of goodness in my life. I am hopeful that what I have shared may illuminate your lives as well.

Have a beautiful week!

Love always,