My greatest joy in life is being a mother.  I was blessed to have a large family, cradle them as babies with all my love,  watch them grow up, and sprout wings to fly on their own. Now, as adults, I marvel at each one….their accomplishments, their own families, their joys, their hopes and the loving bond we have as a family.  What I know with all of my heart is that their happiness makes me glow, and their sadness breaks my own heart, right along with them.  As mothers we want to do everything in our power to keep our families from feeling any pain, whether it be emotional or physical.  I parallel this great love to what our Heavenly Father has for us.  I know He aches when His children are hurting in any way. I sincerely feel  this is one of the most important lessons we learn here on earth, so that we will always remember His great love for each one of us.  In my last week’s “Monday Moment” I wrote about our “Golden Angel”…..Haley. Very sadly, she departed on her Heavenly journey, on wings of angels, just a few days later. There will forever be a huge void in all of our hearts, as we remember this beloved family member.

A mother’s love transcends all, and we will forever help comfort and gently wipe tears of sorrow on the faces of our loved ones, and  often, on our own.