Looking back over the years, I felt myself hurrying in so many directions to take care of a growing family and make sure everyone felt loved and cared for. And mix in with that, many unforeseen circumstances that would arise! It was as though the wind could not blow any harder. That’s when I learned to “adjust my sails” as a Mom, so that I could meet the most important needs, my family. With my children grown now, in many respects I am not rushing as much anymore and I am able to enjoy many precious moments. Holding my baby grandchildren, cherishing quiet time with my children, having the time to drink in a beautiful sunset, smelling rain in the air and feeling excitement to make homemade soup, quiet reflective time, rejoicing in dear friendships, spending time with my brother and reminiscing over our wonderful parents and our childhood, and to name another and so very important, taking time to feel all of God’s blessings and to know their timing was just perfect.

So, as the wind picks up in your life, try to adjust your sails and everything will be okay.

Have a beautiful week!