This week’s post is sobering as I write. It is very clear that our sails have to be adjusted to follow the course that is best for us as a nation, in light of the coronavirus. It will take us all tremendous amounts of courage, faith and inner strength as we face what is before us. I believe in following the counsel of our national leaders, doctors, and the Centers for Disease Control. When we are doing what they have requested, we can replace fear with faith, knowing we have done our best. It is normal for us to be anxious as this is something so new and frightening to all of us. As we adjust our sails, God is aware and has already deposited his overflowing deposit of bravery in each one of us to help us through this uncertain time, and come through it with the best we have within us. Remember, it will not always be this way. Take good care of yourselves this week.

My love to you,