I still don’t remember the exact date in March. I had decided to stop at the grocery store to buy a few things. It didn’t take me long to realize there was something very wrong. As I entered the store, my eyes fixed on crowded aisles and food and household supplies flying off of the shelves, especially paper towels and toilet paper. There was a strong sense of panic in every face I met. I tried to gather a little information from an unknown shopper as to why all of this was happening. The word pandemic sent chills down my spine and all I wanted to do was rush home. I finished buying a few other necessities I felt I would need for at least a couple of weeks. Once I was home, I turned on my television and was furthered informed of this mysterious and deadly virus called Covid 19, that would infect the United States very soon. I have been isolating at home ever since, following the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of the State of California, as well as my own physician. These orders were named “Safer At Home”. As I settled into a daily routine that is exactly how I began to feel. However, nights were not my friend as the fear of this virus was overtaking my faith. I began waking up each morning thanking God for my good health and for my family’s. I keep a list of things to appreciate and projects to complete. I look forward to seeing my children and grandchildren on Face Time and knowing they are well. Taking my little dog for a walk everyday and getting some fresh air in my face and looking up and thanking God I have been spared, are highlights of my every day. Being home now I am very aware of the shades of every day…morning, noon and night. One morning I was particularly struck as I was washing some beautiful red apples. The morning sun was shining through the blinds and gently splashed on them. I was aware in that moment that I was so grateful to be standing and that I was well, while others are not. I love talking to my dear friends and knowing how they are.  Almost two months later, I am more full of faith than fear. I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life. The little things and sweet moments that come as a gift when we need them  most. During these weeks of the pandemic and often feeling alone and full of anxiety due to the unknown of this virus, my own answered prayers have been my greatest blessings. Yes, we are all in this together and our faith in God will see us through. STAY WELL MY FRIENDS AND MY SWEET FAMILY.

Have a blessed week!