One of my favorite chapters in my book is Chapter 48. In this chapter I talk about our four seasons and how one opens the door for the next. In these early days of October, we have just bid adieu to summer with it’s sun kissed beach days, longer evenings, more family time and luscious bounties to enjoy. There is always a day in September that we feel a little “nudge” a brisk breeze just visiting for a moment, letting us know Autumn days are getting closer. I dearly love the months of Autumn! Pumpkins at my door, apple picking in Julian with my family, cooler days and chilly nights, wearing sweaters and baking my favorite pies are a apart of this season of abundance. This beautiful time prepares me for the warm gratitude I feel for the months ahead of November and December. One of my favorite quotes painting a picture of the Fall months says, “Autumn…the year’s last loveliest smile” by John Howard Bryant. May we all smile back!

Have a beautiful week!