In my newly published book, MONDAY MOMENTS, Chapter 37 I have written of my great love for my darling four legged companion, Bailey. At the time of writing my book she was nearly fourteen years old and tomorrow she turns fifteen, and still has the energy of a puppy most of the time. There are no words to express how she has touched my heart ever since she came into my life when she was first born. She has watched the sweet furry companions in our family cross over the Rainbow Bridge and now, she lovingly has taken on the lead. I work long hours in a doctor’s office each day, but her love and excitement never changes as we meet at the end of the day at the front door of our little cottage. Our walks are a gift to each one of us as she prances, nose up in the air, smelling all the fragrances the ocean brings.  She snuggles next to me as I write, sits by me when I say my prayers (head bent down), and waits for me all day long until I return so we can do this all over again!

What do we learn from these little angels? We learn unconditional love wrapped in a wagging tail and wet kisses every single day.  We learn to be happy with the small things and sometimes, just sitting and being still to cherish time with our little companions. We learn that rolling the windows down in the car does feel good, and turning up the music a little louder makes the ride even more fun, especially on a road trip.  We learn that each day we have them is the gift they came here to give…their love, loyalty, and steadfast companionship. I have to believe that their unselfish example is for us to learn from and graciously give to others.

I love you Bailey girl…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Have a beautiful week!