A dog’s purpose is to solely love unconditionally that human or family who has become theirs. Nearly seventeen years ago I became that person for one adorable six week old Cockapoo named Bailey. God’s timing to introduce me to this little angel was perfect as always. It was just at the time when my youngest of five children was leaving for college. Always a sweetheart, she would wait long hours each day while I was away at work, until I returned home. I was always met with her never ending love and excitement to see me. I learned of her unconditional love early on as her wet kisses and wagging tail were a part of my every day. Our walks were a gift to each other. She happily pranced with her nose in the air, smelling all the fragrances the ocean brings. Bailey snuggled in my writing chair every night after work as I wrote chapter after chapter of my book, Monday Moments until the last one was written. She even has her own chapter! At bedtime she sat on the floor next to me as I said my prayers and tenderly bowed her head. She made everyone’s day better and happier wherever we were. Our road trips were wonderful and we really did play the music louder and had our windows down all the way! Bailey was also our family “healer.” Whenever someone in our family needed a surgery or was ill she would not leave their side until they were well again. She just knew what to do and how to love. She trained with me for five Avon Breast Cancer Walks and her little legs just kept moving!  As long as she was beside me she was happy and so was I. And, she welcomed and loved every grandchild into our family. As she turned fifteen I noticed she was starting to slow down and over the months that followed gradually I saw that her health was declining. When she was a puppy this day of having to say goodbye seemed to be an eternity away, but somehow it had snuck up on us. I wasn’t ready and would never be. As God had sent this precious gift to me so many years ago, He was now preparing me to say good bye to my sweetest companion and best friend. Bailey had given everything to me and to our family. On Sunday, May 17, 2020 she slipped away to Heaven. My heart broke and I know a  part of me went with her. She was one in a million. I am trying to keep gratitude at the base of my sorrow for all the beautiful years we had together and all that I learned from her. It is a very tender time now, but one day we will meet again on the Rainbow Bridge where Bailey will come running into my arms. Bailey Girl, I love you forever.