I hope this coming week will bring you good things and smooth sailing
on the waters of life!
As I was looking out at the ocean last week at the many sailboats, I realized
that as easy as it looks from the shore, the captain has to adjust for many
changes while he is at sea.  What might seem “smooth sailing” for part of
the time, can turn in a minute.  Such is life…right?  How can we each handle
those moments and, even adjust ahead of time for the change that is coming?

In reality, life is full of twists and turns, peaks and valleys and myriads of
emotion that accompany each one.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier, if we
just had a warning when these times were approaching, so we could adjust
our “sails”  in advance.  Softly said, these times are what make us grow
as individuals, make us stronger for the next challenge, and more
empathetic towards another’s circumstances.

I have never forgotten the advice of a very dear friend many years ago,
when I was facing “quite a mountain to climb.”  He said I could allow
the situation to get me down and perhaps change the person I was,
or allow myself to come through the challenges shining from the adversity
and much stronger.  Fortunately, for me, I chose the later. His sage advice 
helped set the course for my life.
I believe that one of the most important elements to remember
is to always trust yourself and your own instincts. Secondly, follow the plan
and the path that seems the most familiar and represents the person you
are.  Life will always bring us the unexpected….sometimes full of unspeakable
joy and happiness and, at other times, perhaps you will be faced with a challenge
that you are not prepared for or feel you can meet.  Remember, those are
the times you will grow as a person, and if you will allow it, you will become
your best self. 
                                                  In order to be your best and truest
                                                  self, there will always be smooth and
                                                  rough waters on which to sail, until 
                                                  you reach your final destination.
My love and best wishes to each of you
today, tomorrow and always,