Have you ever wondered if those special encounters in our lives were purely by chance or were they specifically and spiritually designed just for you? After pondering this thought all weekend, I think both are possible.  My strong spiritual side believes that our Heavenly Father is always at work orchestrating the perfect design for our lives, as He knows before we do, what we need.  In my own life, a short story of how He designed a beautiful blessing for me.  Almost eleven years ago, while working in a doctor’s office, a patient walked in  holding a small brown box. In a matter of seconds, a little tan head popped up! The patient said very lovingly, that she could no longer keep this darling little puppy of six weeks,  and she thought of me! It was love at first site and a blessing that was to fill my heart and my home. In just a few months of receiving little Bailey, my youngest son was leaving for college on the East coast. I was already feeling sad that he would be leaving and going so far away, and this little girl helped to fill that void in more ways than I can express. To this day I often refer to her as my little “God Wink.” I know with a perfect surety that God knew we would need each other.

And sometimes,  it takes patience and faith to watch the answer unfold, as to whether it was by chance or by design. You will know, as  I did, all those years ago.