It is my hope that the joys of Christmas held out it’s arms to you and your loved ones.  It’s sweet memories linger around us for a time, and then find a special place in our hearts and within our families, to reflect upon from year to year.  This year our family celebration was different from most others in years past.  Just days before Christmas, my youngest son suffered a serious and very painful knee injury which required extensive surgery.  Due to where he lives and works now, I traveled to care for him in his immediate post operative days. Watching him suffer in so much pain, and being away from the rest of our family, brought a true realization into the softly lit bedroom of his apartment. 

In the middle of  “life” when it happens to us, we can make our own happiness, even if it is at Christmas time.  A tiny  tree with white lights, some Christmas movies, and our own version of Christmas dinner, brought a beautiful  spirit into my son’s bedroom and into our hearts.   Yes, Christmas Day did come just the same, and we were most grateful for our precious gifts of hope and faith. 

The New Year is in front of us very soon, and I wish everyone  happiness, peace and good health.