Welcome to a new week! My wish for each one of you is that whatever you are seeking you will find. I think most often we are looking within ourselves for answers to things hoped for or perhaps the courage to do something we have never done. This happens to all of us and at many different times in our lives. At a time in my life many years ago, a dear friend told me I would always have a wellspring of courage to draw from. To this day, I have, no matter what situation I was facing. Author and theologian, C.S. Lewis writes, ” Courage, dear heart” in one of his novels, amidst turmoil from a storm while a young woman was afraid. When she needed it most she felt God’s whisper that everything would be alright. The storm was still everywhere about her, but she felt peace. Beautiful words to tuck inside our hearts to remember. I do know from experience we will feel the confirmation from God as well, just like the young woman in the storm.

Have a beautiful week!