I came across a quote just recently that made me pause, “Don’t let your ice cream melt while you are counting someone else’s sprinkles.” I was at the Fun Zone on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach just recently with my youngest granddaughter. It is a family landmark we visited every summer as my own children were growing up!  She was napping in her stroller and I was taking photographs on what was a gorgeous July afternoon. As I drank in this sweet summer day I felt completely present in the picture before me. Savannah was peacefully sleeping, the ferris wheel was slowly turning around up high in the sky, the seagulls were chattering overhead swooping and soaring, ice cream cones were dripping in the little hands of children and the Balboa Island ferry was quickly approaching the dock where we would need to board. Our short trip across the water came to a close and it was time to go home. I realized that afternoon how short our turn is on this earth and that we need to be available for the pure beauty and joy in all of it’s many gifts, every day.

Have a beautiful week!