Happy beautiful Fall days…..and Good Morning to each one of you!  As I write each week, my thoughts come from inspiration from within on themes that seem timely. Others, are real life events touching close to home.
This week a chord was touched within my heart that made me so very
grateful for eternity and the gifts that will await us there. While we do not
have the answers to many things while we are on this earth, we will
have them there.  I believe it is having faith, trust, patience and hope while
we are here, that makes the waiting easier.  My thought today is born of that
faith and it is for anyone that has suffered loss and wonders….
                                      ~One day I will see you and know it is you.
                                      Though life on earth is separating us for a time,
                                       and my arms ache to hold you, my love will be 
                                       forever wrapped around you.
As November has arrived, and we are more aware of the bounty of blessings we
have been given and all that is to come, I send you  my best.  May the days in
this coming month be full of great joy and blessings for you and your loved ones.