Many years ago I became the sole parent of my five children. After a busy week of school and sports for them and work for myself, I found my greatest peace was going for a walk on the beach, for a couple of hours every Saturday. As I walked on the soft sandy beach I was always in awe of the many footprints I saw. I wondered, did they belong to a weary traveler, or someone sorting out their life, a happy couple in love or a lonely husband who had just lost his wife? I know this with a real surety, I was never alone. Our loving God is beside us every day and He is aware when our footprints are lighter or heavier. As I walked on the beach I talked to Him about so many things and continually prayed for His grace, tender mercies and His guidance in raising five children all alone. Somehow, by the end of my time walking along the ocean with God I knew He had heard my prayers.  I had faith in every footstep He would bring me the answers I needed for that week. I have often thought over the years since then as I reached for His hand on every walk, that if I had turned around I would have only seen one pair of footprints.  I will always know in my heart that God carried me every Saturday near the water’s edge in Newport Beach.

I am wishing you a beautiful week!