It is with great love and gratitude I dedicate today’s post to all the servicemen and women, who have given their lives in honor of serving our country. Last week, what started out as a routine walk for me, ended up in a Field of HonorFrom a distance, I could see waving American flags, hundreds of them.  As I got closer, hiking up the back side of Newport Bay,  I realized with all humility, that I truly was in a sacred field of  our own American flags.  Each flag held the name and age of a young man or woman who were in service for their country and never again returned home to their families.  As the Scottish bagpipes were beautifully playing  Amazing Grace, there was a reverent spirit and a hush of silence as one walked next to each flag.  My heart was very full on that warm Saturday afternoon, as I felt of their abounding sacrifice for each one of us. I felt humbled that I, one person, am here today to enjoy my life and freedom because of the watchful eyes and unselfish hearts of so many.

Memorial Day…..a beautiful  time to remember, reflect and respect  the giant heroes who have protected our country and let us sleep, while a constant, abiding vigil they kept.

                                                                                   “God shed His grace on thee……”