As this new week unfolds for each of us, I feel inspired to write about something that I am experiencing, with the hope that it may help any one of you at some time in your life.  I am in the process of a wonderful, exciting move, and I am now in that period of time where I am “going through things,” and this is not new to anyone who has ever moved!  I am discovering daily, sweet treasures in the form of  loving sentiments from one heart to another, kept over the years, and family photographs that are my treasures for eternity.  I am moving soon into a precious, enchanting cottage, which is a dream come true for me! Some things had to find new homes and others will remain a part of my memories. What I have learned is that what we love and must say good bye to, will live on in our hearts forever. What do you love most, what touches your heart and what memories will you keep?  Have a beautiful week and cherish what you love most.