Many years ago, I experienced what I felt was a very devastating time in my life.  I allowed the circumstances to rock my world but only for a short time, with gratitude due, to the wise words of a very kind friend.  His words then were eloquent and what I needed, but I will just briefly share his thoughts here.  He said I could choose to feel sorry for myself or rise through the storm and become a stronger and better person….of the two choices, I am grateful I chose the latter.  Now, looking back at what I felt was the end of my world at that time, was really only the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for me and my family.  I know with perfect surety that what I learned in “the storm” guided me to this time in my life.  When we have done all we can and we continue trying our very best, our rewards will come.  They come in many forms, and it is up to each one of us to recognize them when they present themselves to us, so we can welcome and contemplate their meaning. We have a very loving and understanding Father in Heaven and He knows what is next in our lives before we do. So, when change comes abruptly, or over time, we have a loving companion ever near to see us through.  I know this with all of my heart and soul.