Over the weekend, I walked several miles along the beach pondering what inspiration I might bring you today that would brighten your week.  A couple of weeks ago, one of the patients in the medical office in which I work, was telling me “goodbye”  as it was his last visit. As he bid me farewell he said, “remember to follow your bliss.”  I thought about what he had said for a few days and then turned to the dictionary to find out exactly what bliss meant. This dear gentleman’s words had gently challenged  me to find out and truly find my own bliss.  As I looked over the almost endless definitions for this word, here are just a few that were meaningful to me….the highest degree of happiness, spiritual joy,  and blessedness.  As life wraps all of us in varying responsibilities and often we reach the end of our reserve to withdraw strength,  this is the time to follow our bliss.  And, it will mean something different to each one of us, but however we engage it, we will replenish our inner strength. As this new weeks begins and when you know your well of reserves is getting low,  find your true bliss and follow it. I promise you, it will make a difference.