Over the years I have learned many things, some far more valuable than others.  For most of my life, I have relied greatly upon the guidance of our Heavenly Father, every day. Whether it is just in the ordinary every day things, celebrating  joys, asking for strength through life’s trials, or often the sadnesses that seem to touch us all.  As the years seems to teach,  I have learned to feel a sweet presence when I first thank God for all he has given me and my family, before  asking prayerfully for what I need.  We all pray differently and at different times, and our loving God hears and answers our needs and desires in His perfect timing.  I believe that our sincere gratitude for His many gifts and blessings, touches Him deeply.    These empowering  words can be your firstlight every day……“THANK GOD for what you have and TRUST GOD for what you need.”