It’s Monday….Good Morning! I hope this morning is well with you, and everyone in
your life. I wish you a great week and one filled with dreams pursued.
This past week, I was very reflective over the inspirational and extraordinary days
of the Avon Walk I participated in, and I realized that life is not going to wait for any of us!  We must
be willing to listen to our hearts, pursue our passions and take every opportunity to follow our dreams.

Just a few days ago, I read a quote that says~
    “No cliff is too tall it cannot be climbed” 
                   Hawaiian, Anonymous
What is meant is that every problem or concern has a solution, if we think clearly, and….dream.  Know all the while that life is a beautiful gift and you have been given all the “tools” you need to accomplish anything. So, believe in yourself, stay on your own personal journey and be led by your dreams.
I have always loved and gained great wisdom from the Hawaiian culture, and it is my hope that this quote will be one you will remember also.
Aloha nui loa.