A few days ago as I began putting away Christmas ornaments and decorations for next year, I was struck extra tenderly. I realized it was because life is fragile and we can’t take any of our days for granted. They are each a gift for us to use in the most delicate of ways. This past summer I said good bye to ten years of working in a wonderful medical practice where hundreds of patients have left their imprint of kindness and love in my heart. Forty years prior I also worked in the medical field and those years are also tucked deep within my heart.  So, this word “retirement” really happened! It led me into a new chapter of life. I welcomed a new baby granddaughter just three months ago! In just a couple of weeks I will be her caregiver during the days when her parents are working. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling and loving way to spend this new chapter. I followed my heart!  As a new decade 2020 is quickly approaching, I wanted to leave you with a thought that perhaps will light your new year. Whatever it may be, trust your instincts enough to follow your heart, to embrace your life and to take a chance! Great things are ahead and I will be thinking of you!

Happy New Year!