Over the weekend I took a long walk on a beautiful beach in Malibu.  As I walked, I noticed how many footprints were in the sand!  I started wondering, what may have been on the minds of those that had walked before me.  Were they full of happiness, struggling with an important decision, healing from devastation, mourning loss or looking for answers?  I would like to imagine that many of them were full of joy as they walked next to the ocean on such a beautiful summer day.  However, with real life, that is not always the case.  Many of us, through the years, may have read the immortal poem, Footprints in the Sand, by Mary Stevenson.  I truly believe in the author’s comforting words, that God carries us when life’s burdens weigh too heavily upon us.  I hope this summer you have enjoyed many light hearted walks on the beach, wherever you may live.   And, if by chance, you faced some challenges along the way, you felt God carrying you. 

                                                                                               God Bless You!