Happy Monday Everyone!  This past weekend I took a long walk on the beach, it was a beautiful morning and I had many hours to think. The cornerstone of my book, MONDAY MOMENTS sits in the title of this post, “Footprints of Faith, Hope and Love.” As that very book was in the early stages of being written, I thought deeply of what I wanted it to express. It wasn’t long before I knew. Faith, hope and love are found at the center of our lives. We draw upon them daily to get through the ups and downs of life regardless of whatever should come before us. Love is usually at the beginning of everything we set out to do, while hope and faith will keep us believing in God’s plan and guidance, and the answers to come in His perfect timing. When I am walking on the beach and see footprints all around me, I am reminded of the many beach walkers before me and wonder what joy or perhaps, deep sadness they are embracing. What I do know for sure is that everyone is carrying something in their heart. It is my sincere prayer that you will find faith, hope and love to help you through.

I am wishing you a beautiful week!