Here we are again….one week passes so quickly!   Happy Monday!!
I hope the days in between were full of unspoken, special moments that you
will draw upon for smiles and inspiration when you need them most this week.  
I am reading a wonderful book on the importance of simple acts of generosity.
It is the first book I reach for on my night stand in the evenings and whatever
chapter I happen to read, always leaves a lasting impression.  The kind of
generosity the author speaks of  is generosity of spirit. 
You will never know how one single act or gesture of kindness can change
another’s life for the better. I am sure, that at one time or another, we have
all been recipients of generosity of spirit from someone close to us or
perhaps someone we have not met.  These acts can be as pure and simple
as prayer, hospitality, encouragement, service, forgiveness, laughter and
hope. Sometimes, it is as simple as sitting down with someone and just being
there….the simple act of time and love.
A sweet story is told of two little girls who always walked home after school
together.  One day, one of the girls was having a bad day.  The two of them
sat on her porch after school and talked and cried together.  As the loving
friend returned to her home, her mother asked her why she was so late.
Her reply was so pure.  She said, “Mom, my friend was sad and I
had to help her cry.” 
As each day begins, it is another opportunity to share an act of kindness with
someone else.  The beauty of it is, we never quite know what it will be
until that moment arises within each of us.
                                ~ You can never give of yourself   
                                    without having been changed
                                    for the better.
Wishing you an inspired week….and some “generosity moments” along the way.