In my lifetime so far, I have worn many different kinds of shoes! Each one served a purpose in my life. As a baby, my first walking shoes! A little later on, tap shoes. My first school shoes with laces! Soon followed play shoes, dress up shoes and sandals when it was summer. As I got into my teen years, lots of different kind of shoes, but my favorites were heels. This time in my life was called dating. In my era, we dressed up. Often our dates were in Hollywood where we went to beautiful theaters and fun places for dinner and ice cream sundaes. They are very special memories! Now, so many years later, my shoes seem to relate who I am. Today, during the week days, I am usually in tennis shoes accompanied with medical scrubs, as I am an essential worker and love caring for patients. When I am home or taking some time for myself, I love to be barefooted or wear flip flops! It seems to reflect the casual lifestyle I prefer. In years past I had many different brands of walking shoes, as I walked hundreds of miles training and raising money for a breast cancer cure with Avon Breast Cancer Foundation, in memory of my mother. I still enjoy walking by the ocean either in tennis shoes or in bare feet. It still remains the place where my dreams and plans take flight. As women we can conquer great things alone or together with a pair of shoes. The following quote by Marilyn Monroe says it best, “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world.”

May your week be beautiful!