This morning I would like to share a personal story with you
that made an impact on my life.  I had planned to do this at
Christmas time, but a different inspiration took it’s place.
I guess we can always have a touch of the Christmas spirit in
Many years ago, on a cold, crisp December day, I was
buying Christmas greens at a local nursery. As I
approached my car I noticed her coming down the street.
She was without a home, not much clothing and she was
cold.  I glanced into my car and my eyes fixed on a new
red sweatshirt that my children had given me as an
early Christmas present. It took me no more than a
minute to know what I wanted to do.  I reached for that
priceless gift and with a kiss on it’s soft fabric, I walked
towards my new friend.  I said hello, wished her a
Merry Christmas and told her I wanted her to be warm
as I gave her my sweatshirt. She gratefully accepted and
held it close to her as she said thank you.  It was a thank you
born of much humility.  I stood and watched her walk away
until she was no longer in view.  I prayed for her safety and
that she would find warm shelter and a better life.
That Christmas, around our tree, I shared this story with my
children.  They were so happy their gift was able to help
someone else.  I thought of my new friend often throughout
the coming year, until one day my oldest daughter shared
her beautiful story with me.  Holly had stopped at a nearby
Starbuck’s to buy some coffee before going to work.  As
she left, she was struck by a woman sitting outside wearing the
same red sweatshirt my family had given to me…it was her!!
Holly quickly went back into Starbuck’s and bought her a large
cup of hot coffee and presented it to her with love and a smile.
Not many words were exchanged, just eyes that met full of love
and the warm sparkle of compassion. 
Our story had a special ending as it had come full circle. 
There is no particular season for giving. It can be any day, at any
time, when the heart and an opportunity to help find each other.