Good Morning~
Smiles and good thoughts to each of you as we start a new week….always full of promise and hope. My thought to you this morning is about  “Going the distance…….and then some.”
Most of us live very full and busy lives, and that encompasses
many different aspects to which we are drawn and involved.
Marriage, dating relationships, raising children, careers,
friendships, caring for aging parents, service to others, our
faith affiliations, listening to and not judging someone you
love, loving and caring for a family member or friend who is
faced with a terminal illness, forgiveness, and never forget
the smile and listening ear to someone that just needs a friend.
These are just some areas that have come to my mind.
Every aspect of our lives, when you think about it, requires
going the distance, if you are seeking to make an impact for
the best possible good.  Sometimes, when you feel like you have
nothing else to give, just remember the person or the purpose
and it will be easy to go the distance….and then some.  Often
it is just one more mile, a hand to hold, a warm hug, a listening
ear, an extra dose of compassion and understanding and loving
unconditionally that can make all the difference.
May you enjoy and live fully in this great week ahead!