If we were able to meet together and
share our philosophies of life, most likely they would
all be somewhat different. 
I wonder….how do we accept defeat, or say good bye to
someone for the last time, how do we win the race with
humility, will we always be glad to share what we have
with others, will we see the magic and the miracles in
every day, or will we have the patience and dignity to wait
for the answers we hope will come. These, and so many
other circumstances have the ability to define us.
Life is for many of us one big test, followed by even
greater lessons learned. I believe it all comes down to Grace and
how we accept each lesson and apply it in our daily lives.
I know this to be true and write this “moment” to you
from the deepest part of my heart.  The tender gift of grace
is given to each of us as a result of the defining moments in our lives,
and often when we are in the middle of the most difficult and
trying times.