I am thinking of you today and hoping this post finds each one of you and your families safe and well. As we begin this new week continuing “Safer at Home,” due to the Covid 19 virus, my heart and my thoughts also speak that I am very grateful for home. Wherever home is for each one of us is our true north, our safe place, and now where we need to be during this pandemic. I find great peace in my little cottage as I ponder so many thoughts and concerns during this time. Even though these days and weeks at home are a big change and unsettling, use it to make a memory, not to remember the virus, but perhaps what you have learned from it to take forward.  I believe in God’s ultimate plan for us all, even as we face challenges such as these now. To have faith and to believe are our truest allies. I want to close with this quote from my book,”It won’t always be this way.” Sometimes we have to pass through the storm, no matter how long it lasts, to feel the sun on our face and feel whole again. We will.

Sending you big hugs today and lots of love,