These words perfectly describe last Wednesday night for me! At nearly 6:30 p.m. in the evening, my amazing and thoughtful publisher emailed me that she had just uploaded the file of my new book to be printed! That day had sweetly come after over a year in the making. At that moment in time, all seemed to stand still for me and my heart was so full of gratitude for this beautiful journey. God’s love and continual inspiration never left my side throughout the writing of each page of this sweet book. My beautiful family and dear friends for always supporting me, encouraging me and loving me. My wonderful and talented publisher, Teri Rider for being perfectly in sync with me for what I had hoped for and dreamed of. And, my littlest angel Bailey, my furry companion for always sitting next to me as I wrote, until the final page was completed.

How does one share gratitude? Many times it is through our tears. And, if you are really blessed you have a dear friend to cry tears of joy with you, as I was on that very special evening. My book, MONDAY MOMENTS is a gift of love to all of you…I hope you will be enjoying it very soon!

Have a beautiful week!

My love,