“When your arms are open in gratitude and your heart is full of hope, the abundance that will come is a gift and a blessing, and even a miracle, that will leave an imprint on your soul forever.”

This is perhaps the most important page of my book. It is here I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to those who have helped me in countless ways, in achieving this dream come true in the writing of Monday Moments.

My Heavenly Father, for His gentle loving guidance in my life and for listening to and answering my prayers for continual inspiration.

My Parents, who raised me in a golden childhood era, where their love and my memories have shaped my values and character to this day.

My Brother, the gentle giant. His love and shining example are a constant in my life every day.

My Children, for their endless love, tremendous support and unwavering belief in me. I love you with all of my heart.

My Grandchildren, for their every hug, “I love you Mimi”, and every smile that melts my heart.

My Friends, for just being the special people they are, and for walking beside me on this wonderful journey.  

Teri Rider, my outstanding publisher and friend. I had hoped to meet someone just like her when it was time to publish my book, and gratefully I did. Her patience, wisdom, knowledge and kindness are a blessing to me.

Glen Winfield, web developer. With fresh eyes and great talent, Glen has taken on the care and further development of my website. In addition, he is instrumental in affirming to my reading audience that my book will be published soon!

Justin Nassie, website designer ( for Monday Moments, 2010. 

Rachel Leigh Photography, photographer extraordinaire. Her soft palette was just what I wanted on the cover of my book. It beautifully sets the tone for what has been written.

Monday Moments Audience, I thank you for allowing me to come into your lives each Monday morning, and it will continue to be my joy.

Annie Quinn, heartwarming author of A Moment in Connemara, An Irish Love Story and, my friend. From the beginning, Annie’s advice to me was to “write from my heart.” And so, I did just that.

Bailey, my sweet fourteen-year-old Cockapoo, who magically came into my life when my youngest child went off to college. She has been my faithful little pal ever since, and always cuddles next to me whenever I am writing. She is truly an angel with four paws.

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