My Dear Friends,

Many years ago I envisioned myself living in a cottage by the sea, and writing a book. That sweet dream has recently come true for me! I am home on Balboa Island, where I left my heart eighteen years ago. By the grace of God and a very dear friend, I have made my way back here again. This brings me tenderly to what is next.

After seven years of coming into your lives with Monday Moments, the inspirations written from my heart each Monday morning, I am now listening to my soul as I begin to write my second book. The first was published and given as a Christmas gift to each of my five children in 2014. It is my legacy to them of what I value dearly for a well lived life, and hope it will be a guide and a comfort to them in the many years to come. This second book will contain many of the inspirational thoughts I have written and woven with new ones, into a story of survival. Change is an integral part in all of our lives, and I have prayed about this change for a while now.  It seems clear to me that now is the time for me to move forward with writing this new book. It is my sincere hope that you will feel free to visit my website and search through the archives if there is anything your heart and mind are calling for.  I will stay in touch intermittently with you, with future inspirations and excerpts of my book, and will let you know when it will be published.  You have been a beautiful part of my life and I hope this sweet friendship will continue always. God Bless each one of you as you continue your own journey, that it may bring you great joy and love.

A parting thought from my heart to yours ~ The sea is always giving to us and when we seek her out, and have patience, she will deliver the gifts we need most.

Love always,