Yesterday at my daughter’s, their big neighborhood lawn was bathed in brilliant green, while Easter eggs of every color of spring time decorated it!  Baby birds were chirping their own melodies of celebration, pretty flowers were in full bloom and the sweet voices of excited little children were everywhere, as they filled their baskets with brightly colored eggs.  While I watched the joyous interaction of families and their children, and especially my own, I was ever mindful again of the atoning sacrifice of our Lord.  As we look all around us each day, we are reminded we are here because of Him and His great love for each one of us.  May we remember…..”this life was never promised to be easy, but this life is an experience in profound trust….trust in Jesus Christ.” ( Richard G. Scott,  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

At this beautiful season, I am wishing you a time of  special renewal and to find your gift of profound trust in Jesus Christ. Your challenges will be comforted and your every day experiences will be clear and have more purpose.  I promise you this.   Have a  week filled with the sweet and meaningful memories of Easter.