Dear Friends and Family,

The last four months have tested us as a nation and the world. Masks have become our normal in addition to staying six feet apart from anyone. Keeping hands and home extra clean is a standard to remember and not forget on a daily basis. Many have become ill in spite of all the precautions and many have died. We have mourned with them and their loved ones, praying our own lives will be spared from the virulent virus, Covid 19. Schools and universities were closed and children were home schooled. All large gatherings were cancelled. Anxious and worrisome days have   made up our weeks and months. Throughout these months I keep remembering my mother’s calm voice, as in times of trials she would always tell me and my brother, “It won’t always be this way.” I am holding dear her promise. These are truly extraordinary times for all of us to endure. May we grieve the hardest times but rejoice in the better days that are ahead of us.