Taken from the pages of my book are many of my life experiences, especially that there are many unknowns. The hills and valleys are the ups and downs in our lives, and are the teachers of our inner strength, daily courage, faith and hope. I learned firsthand over twenty five years ago that no matter what experience was coming at me, what I was making my way through or what I was healing from, there was always another helping of strength for me to draw upon. As a little girl I still remember my mother’s comforting words, “It won’t always be this way.”  Whatever feelings may be stirring within us, time has a way of improving. What we may feel at the time may never look any brighter, somehow will. It is a blessing that time, a good helping of patience, faith and remembering the truth and wisdom in my mother’s words will help see us through most anything. I know this to be true. Sometimes you have to pass through the storm to feel the sun on your face and feel whole again, You will, I promise.

Have a beautiful week!