It’s not the finish line that matters!  As with most things in life, we are concerned with the end result, but I have learned firsthand, that what happens in the middle, matters most.  While it is all well and good to strive to be the best and to want to “win the race,”  there is the magical middle you don’t want to miss. I learned this lesson well as I have participated in a few Avon Walks for Breast Cancer over the years.  It was never my intention to be the first to cross the finish line, because I wanted to cherish the journey I was on.  Had I been in too big of a hurry I would have missed many sweet and magical moments.  After  twelve hours of walking, I was spiritually invigorated as my heart remembered new friends met, the feel of a soft breeze on my face when I needed it most, walking alongside a breast cancer survivor and listening to her story, the amazing support of my dear family and friends, families with little children, and shopkeepers cheering us on mile after mile as we walked throughout their city, and God’s grace reminding me why I was there, evident in very step I took.  As you cross over the “finish lines” of life, remember the journey!