Good Morning Everyone!!
Last week I was inspired by a wonderful quote my son sent to me.  It came at a
time when I really needed some inspiration myself, as I continue to train for
the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Even though it is penned from someone I do not
know, I thank this individual for such timely advice.
I feel that it applies to life, in general; however, it was written from the perspective
of training for triathlons (cycling).  It is my hope that the words that I will share
will wrap around you, as they did me.
                                         “Over my years I have found I am better
                                           if I do not look at the top of the mountain.
                                           I am at my best when I focus on what is
                                           just a couple feet in front of me.  Then, I
                                           concentrate on my spinning, work on my
                                           cadence (rhythm/breathing), being on the
                                           right gear, and just hold on!”  
                                                                           ~Unknown Author
As you know, I am diligently training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in just a few short weeks.
I will remember this quote with every step I take.  With nearly 40 miles to walk, I will
be focusing on what is in front of me and the memories of those I am walking on behalf of.
I want to thank many of you who have so generously given to support me and this very
worthwhile cause.  I have raised $1,400 and my personal goal to reach is $2,500.  I would be most
grateful to any of you who would like to donate in any way….no donation is too small!
I am enclosing the link to my fundraising page for your convenience if you would
like to make a contribution.  It is  
Have a beautiful week and let’s all remember to “just hold on!”
With love and the best to you,