I have written of this topic in my book, under the chapter “One Kindness at a Time.” At this stage in my life I feel certain my “bucket” has reached overflowing many times and the source is always the same. Kindness is the root of all goodness in our lives…within our families and between friends, in the work place, throughout a neighborhood, in schools, and to those new friends we just haven’t met yet. As with many of you we have been blessed to be the recipients of kindness through loving acts of service, words of encouragement, prayers and a warm smile from a complete stranger. Over time our “buckets” become full not only when we give but as we receive. When we reach out to others, whether in small or grand ways, our own buckets become full one drop at a time, and it all begins with kindness. “In a world where you can be anything…BE KIND” ~ Caroline Flack

Have a beautiful week!