Listening to Christmas carols as often as I can during this beautiful season, always makes me happy. In every carol there seems to be certain words within a stanza, that really touch my heart.  And, that is probably because I need to remember and live it’s meaning!  Last week the carol was Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and the words in the stanza that spoke to me were, ‘let your heart be light.’  For me, the lesson is to enjoy each day in this month of December and all of it’s magic, reverence and celebration…not what I still have left on my “list” to do.  This sacred time of the year need not be hurried, but savored and cherished. When we are in a rush, we miss the opportunity to “hear the angels sing.” These angels are the strangers in our midst that need a smile, a warm cup of hot chocolate and a Merry Christmas.  May our hearts be light this Christmas season.