I hope you are doing well and that last week was good to you. This week I am wishing you one that is extra special.
For some reason, during the week, my eyes kept falling on a beautiful picture frame I have in my home, and the following words are printed on it’s border…..”Cherish Life’s Precious Moments.”  Usually we have our Precious Moments captured in a frame, a scrapbook, in a journal, a CD….to name a few.  They usually reflect a time of special gatherings or important moments in one’s life, and bring us much happiness as we remember them. Some of our dearest moments are only felt by the human spirit, and can’t be captured by any camera.
Helen Keller, former American author and educator, (1880-1968), was blind from birth, and throughout her years she created many beautiful and tender quotes about life.  Fortunately, her wisdom has left a shining light for us to truly see what is most important.  The following is one of her beloved quotes that embraces this Monday Moment to the fullest.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt
with the heart.”
                                   ~Helen Keller  
Wishing you Precious Moments to cherish every day.