In the hours since I have traveled home from San Francisco, my thoughts became very clear for the inspiration I want to share on this Monday morning. Over 2,000 women and men gathered in San Francisco this past weekend for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Our miles walked together were full of hope, love and new friendships made, with the common bond of hoping to see an end to breast cancer through the funds raised all around the country. 

Closing Ceremony always puts a PINK ribbon around the weekend. The tenderness and reality of the personal stories shared touches me deeply, and makes me wrap my arms around each day a little harder.  One of the speakers, now with recurring breast cancer, and a young family she wants to see grow up, gave us this precious advice she now lives by. She said, “So much in life is about waiting, whether it is waiting for a diagnosis, or answers to come in other areas of your life.” She continued, “Don’t live your life by waiting, live it fully now.”  

Life can be fragile and I, myself, know this firsthand.  May God bless you and keep you well…and may your days be full of the joy in living life now.