My wish for you this week is for happiness and good
health in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.
I have worked in the medical profession for many years
and in just every day communication, I notice the
hands of our various patients.  Whether I am exchanging
paper work, shaking a hand or holding one that says I
understand and care, those hands are in my view.  I have
often thought of, especially in our elderly patients, how
many tears were dried, how many babies were bathed,
how many meals prepared, how many foreheads were soothed
when illness fell, and how many hands were held in prayer
during trials and sadness. It has touched my heart in such
a way as to leave this Monday’s “Moment” with you today.
Our hands are the tools in which to teach 
and express love, charity, compassion
and joy. May the years place their mark

in beautiful ways on yours

Wishing you cozy evenings, so much to be thankful for and
love enough to go around for everyone you meet.