We all do the best we can to make memories within our families. It is not only heartwarming but fun and everlasting. My two oldest grandchildren just turned eleven and also recently graduated from elementary school and will be on to middle school in the fall. This was a turning point for me. I realized that doing things with our loved ones, instead of opening a gift wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons, would last the rest of their lives. So, on Saturday I took these two cute grandchildren to Knott’s Berry Farm where we spent 12 hours and had the time of our lives! I am still not sure who had the most fun, but I do hope that as the years pass they will turn to each other and say…”Remember that fun time we had at Knott’s Berry Farm with Mimi!”  Life is precious and fragile and the lives we love will always hold close the times we made memories with them.

Have a beautiful week!