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Ann Hales

Ann was born and raised in Glendale, California. A daughter of a wonderful family, and memories of a golden childhood era, have shaped her character and values today. From her early years Ann loved writing, whether it was letters from Girl Scout camp, keeping a diary or long letters to her grandparents who lived in the Mid West. That passion stayed with her as she raised her own five children. A few of the many ways Ann expressed her love through writing to her family were letters on birthdays, notes of love in their brown paper lunch sacks, words written of encouragement and inspiration to ease homesickness as they were away at college, and journal writing. For many years a single parent, Ann has drawn from her own inner strength and life’s experiences to reach out to others and bring them insight, comfort and a positive attitude through her words. Often she had to “dig deeper” for another helping of courage during some difficult years, and those times brought her the gift of great inspiration as she writes today.

Ann is very grateful for her strong faith in God and coming through those challenging times with grace. She says what she knows to be true is “that which challenges us only makes us stronger to withstand the winds of life.” She also acknowledges her faith as the cornerstone in the great blessing of raising her children. Being a parent, she feels, is the most important job one has, and you only have one chance to do it right! As her children were growing up she poured all of her love and belief into each one, that they could do anything they set out to do in life. And, she says “I am a better person from what I have learned from them, and our closeness as a family is a gift to each one of us. ” Now that her beautiful family is raised, she finds this time of writing and reflection her passion.

Ann works full time for a renowned skin cancer (Mohs) surgeon in Newport Beach, and loves her occupation. There she is able to interact with patients and bring them comfort and knowledge of the surgery they will require, and she finds her days greatly fulfilling. On weekends she loves spending time with her family and her five darling grandchildren. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, entertaining and lots of great walks on the beach with her little dog, Bailey.

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