I guess it is the summer time that has made me think of this memory
with my grandfather.  As a youth and even into my teens, I traveled
most summers to visit my grandparents in Illinois.  I always looked
so forward to the two weeks I would spend with them.
As vividly as if it was yesterday, I remember……the fireflies.  They
excited me so much and I always wanted to catch them in a jar!
There was something so special in those summer nights, where
everything was still, the horses were settling down for the night
and the sweet smell of the hay filled the dark night air.
I know that each one of you have your own memories that are
brought close to you at different times. Those memories are
special gifts. And, sometimes, the most significant ones can
be overlooked. Without our knowing, our lives are being strewn
with these gifts each day.  A second chance, warm laughter,
good health, a walk on the beach, and beautiful music are just a few.
They are the gentle footprints on our hearts and throughout our
days and weeks.  
Throughout this coming week I wish you beautiful connections
with your own special memories.
“Memories are gifts tied in heartstrings for us to untie and
enjoy as often as we choose.”